Exact Scaffolding MK Ltd. Services

Exact Scaffolding MK Ltd. offer a large range of services that we believe can meet pretty much any scaffolding requirements that you may have.  Take a look below to see some examples of what we can do with a stack of scaffold tubes, a pile of scaffold couplers and a team of dedicated, qualified, scaffolders.

We are always open to new challenges and if you do require any kind of service that isn't listed below, but you feel we may be able to provide, then please let us know using our Contact Us page.


Providing Scaffolding for Large Development Sites

The majority of our work involves erecting scaffolding for large new build developments.  We have worked on sites that required our services for projects that have ranged anywhere from 30 to 380 plots.

We have provided these services for developers such as David Wilson Homes, Barratt Homes and Morris Homes, to name just a few, all of whom have repeatedly come back to us to provide scaffolding for multiple sites.

Check out our Examples of Our Work page to see some examples of the work we have done in this sector.


Bespoke Scaffolding for Domestic Projects

Building an extension?  Does your guttering need replacing?  We can help with that too.  We don't just provide scaffolding for large development sites.

Our team routinely provide scaffolding services for one-off domestic projects including extensions, maintainance/repair work and many other personal projects.  Head over to our Examples of Our Work page to see some more examples of what we have done.

If you think we can help you with a project then just get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.


Scaffolding for Events and Festivals

Hosting an event that requires a stage and/or some kind of walkway?  We can do that too.

We have built stages and walkways for a number of events such as dog shows and Football Tournaments.  Take a look at more of the stages and walkways that we have constructed on our Examples of Our Work page.


Night Time Work

A lot of the services that we provide have to be scheduled around work being carried out by other trades.  This occasionally means that we have a limited window of time to do what we do best.  Well, it's a good thing that we're willing to work at night.
If you have a project for us that requires us to work through the night-time then that won't be a problem.  We are nothing if not flexible!


Timber Frame Scaffolding

More recently, we have begun to provide services for new develepments that require us to erect scaffolding for Timber Frame builds.  We have completed projects for London & Quadrant, who specialise in this type of house build, and based on the quality of the work we provided, we have been invited to tender for their future developments in our area.

You can view some of our scaffolding work for Timber Frame builds by heading to our Examples of Our Work page.


Brickwork Services

We don't just stop at scaffolding.

In conjuction with our sister company, Exact Brickwork & Scaffolding Services Ltd., we can also provide you with Brickwork Services.

Have a look at some examples of the brickwork services we can provide on the Examples of Our Work page.

Whether you just need our Brickwork services, Scaffolding Services, or a combination of the 2, we are able to accomodate your requirements.  If you think we can help then all you need to do is head to our Contact Us page.