Supporting Local Communities: Why Is It Important?

This year for International Work Week of Happiness we decided to write a blog about what makes us tick here at EXACT and that involves supporting the local community! Kevin Prust, the Business Owner of EXACT Scaffolding is actively supporting local communities and has done this in a variety of ways; from sponsoring local football teams for children such as MK Wanderers and Woburn and Wavendon Lionesses. To erecting stages for local events such as dog shows.

EXACT Scaffolding even has a continued working relationship with MK Dons FC and we are proud to call ourselves a sponsor of the club.

(Local Sponsors of MK Dons FC)

From Brickwork and Scaffolding Services to Supporting Local Communities

As a company that provides high quality scaffolding services and Brickwork services in the Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, we asked Kev why he felt the need to personally support local events and invest in the community.

"Having played grassroots football myself I feel it’s important to give back the help and support offered to me when I was playing. So sponsoring kits and building stages etc for football tournaments is something that I see as the bare minimum I can do."

(One of our lads, Matty delivering food relief parcels to the elderly and vulnerable during the COVID-19 Pandemic).

How Can Businesses Support The Local Community?

Supporting the community has a variety of benefits for businesses. Business owners live and work in their communities, supporting them boosts the local economy and raises community spirit. This is something that Kev values highly, we asked him how he felt businesses could support their local community.

"I believe it’s important to help in the community to create a positive spirit between local businesses and the local residents. Especially if you are in a position to do so. This is something I have tried to install in my team which I believe they have taken on board."

Not only are businesses more likely to gain stronger customer loyalty from supporting the community, they are also able to give back to the very community that raised them. This was the case for Kev and by demonstrating these values he is implementing this onto his own team and hopefully encouraging other businesses to do the same!

For all Brickwork Services, Scaffolding Services and Landscaping Services, feel free to get in touch with us:

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Also, take a look at our work in the community page to stay updated on how EXACT continues to support the local community.

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