Our Work in the Community

While offering a huge range of scaffolding services throughout the South Midlands & Cambridgeshire areas, and beyond, Exact Scaffolding MK Ltd. do not shy away from supporting our local community.  Have a look below to see some examples of how we get invloved.

Sponsoring Local Football Teams

We have sponsored a number of local football teams such as the MK Wanderers, MK Dons, Scot Sports & Social Club in Bletchley and the Tattenhoe Youth FC in a variety of different ways, such as sponsoring advertising boards at the MK Dons stadium and the kids team kit at MK Wanderers.

We will even sponsor one-off events, just as we did by sponsoring a single football match for Kempston Rovers FC.

Head to our Examples of Our Work page to see more examples of how we get involved.

If you feel that you could benefit from our sponsorship then don't hesitate to get in touch through our Contact Us page.


Delivering Food During COVID-19

The year 2020 has been a strange year, not just for some of us, but for pretty much everyone on the entire planet.  Nearly everybody's lives have been affected by coronavirus in some way.  For some people it meant limiting their social and working activity, for others it meant completely isolating themselves, unable to even head to the shops for the essentials.

When the nation hit lockdown, all of the major sites that we were working on made the decision to cease operations to help with the campaign protect our NHS.  This left us sat, twiddling our thumbs, with nothing productive to do.

However, an opportunity presented itself for us to help those who needed support during this pandemic. 

Working alongside Milton Keynes Council we utilised our fleet of vehicles, along with our team who all felt a sense of duty to contribute were they could, to help.

We were asked if we were able to deliver bread rolls to indivdual households and Care Homes and we didn't hesitate to get involved.

Since the lockdown began we have been doing exactly that, providing those in need with even just the most basic of essentials.

Our contribution was recognised by Milton Keynes Council and they sent us this Thank You Letter to let us know how much our efforts were appreciated.